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From Johnny Poon

Jolie is a very good special friend of mine and we have been thru some interesting journeys together.

I met Jolie in our University days.  Although it was just a short 2 years’ time, but with her genuine character and fun personality, we quickly became friends.  The most memorable moment I had with her has to be our Spring Break road trip.  

Being poor young students, we wanted to see as much of the world as we could with as little spending as possible.  So, instead of flying, we decided to gather a team of 4 to drive from Iowa to visit NYC and then back all within that 1-week Spring Break time!  To save time for sight-seeing, we had to drive around 20 hours non-stop each way.  With our carefully calculated setup, we would take turn driving while others sleep.  But when I saw the way Jolie drive, all those calculations went down the drain……I must say I really did not dare to sleep when she drove.  XD   Anyway, we all laughed about this.  We had lots of fun and created great memories together.   That was the first time all of us visited The Big Apple.  It was a good memorable trip.  Maybe that had planted the seed for Jolie to make NYC her later adopted hometown.

Few years later, when we both moved back to HK, one time Jolly invited me for a dinner gathering.  I asked her if I could bring a friend who just moved to HK 3 days ago for work all on his own.  Of course, she said yes.  And that was Malcolm, who became her adoring husband and their wedding was 3 days after mine.

Jolie’s cheerful charming personality, away positive attitude, amazing ability to adopt to new situations has inspired me a lot.  Jolie, you have made such a  spark in our life.  You will always be in our hearts.  Rest In Peace.  See you later on the other side.