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Susan Kirschner


Susan (Suzie) Kirschner passed away suddenly and too soon on July 31, 2023. She was 65 years old. Suzie’s charm, warm smile and determined spirit captivated everyone she encountered and lives on in the memories of those that survive her.

Son-Dakota James (D.J.), Mother-Linda, Sister-Deb, Brother-Steven and wife Sharon, Half Sister Lisa and husband Rob, Half Brother Brian and wife Cindy, Aunt Frances, Uncle Peter and wife Betty, Cousins-Robert, David, Perrin, Sean, Lauren, Bobby, Dan and Arthur, Nephews-Matthew, Jack, Andrew and Brandon, Nieces-Melody, Rebecca and Sophia, Dear Friend-Bernadette.

We take comfort in knowing that Suzie is reunited with her beloved son Daevin, who she cradled in her thoughts every moment, Brother Guy Bennet, Father Jack, Uncle Stanley, Aunt Xena and Uncle Marvin, Grandmother Jeanne and Grandfather Bob and her very dear friend Adrianne.

Suzie first worked with her long-time friend Adrianne at the Hemophilia Foundation in Manhattan. Many will remember Suzie’s 17 years at WFAN working with Don Imus. She also did voice overs for commercials and children’s books for the Library. In 2003 when she moved to Clearwater, Florida, she had an On-Air Personality Sports Show from 5pm to 7pm at Clear Channel Radio (WAMR Sports).

Suzie was unique, friendly and always smiling even when her health was challenged. She never wanted to burden anyone when she lost her 16 year-old son Daevin to brain cancer. Suzie had many groups of close friends: her WFAN friends, Bayside Queens friends, John Bowne High School friends. Bernadette was her only Bronx friend and her Brooklyn BFF was Adrianne. As said by John Lennon, “Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans.” Life happened to Suzie and her friends while constantly busy making plans, up until July 31, 2023. Weddings, divorces, children, vacations and Golden Girls plans. Suzie’s close friends and family will agree that she stayed connected, one way or another.

Rest in Peace and Joy, Suzie-Girl.