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Remembering Maurice Reissman


Maurice Reissman (affectionately known as Mo-Mo to his grandchildren) passed away peacefully in his sleep on December 30th at 78 years of age. The celebration of Maurice’s life will be held grave side at Sharon Gardens Cemetery in Valhala, NY on Tuesday, January 5th at 1pm. The service will be streamed live for all to see. 

Maurice was born December 12th, 1942 in Brooklyn, NY. He was a true Brooklynite in his youth, which meant two things, Brooklyn Dodgers baseball and playing handball.   Like his famous baseball team Maurice achieved his own championship fame as a force to be reckoned with on the handball court.    Religion was extremely important to Maurice as he worked as an assistant to the Rabbi at Temple Sinai in Brooklyn throughout his childhood.  The untimely passing of his father at the age of 13 ended up being one of two life altering events that shaped Maury into the incredible individual that his family and friends revered and loved.  

Maurice achieved, what his generation and the ones before him all strived for, “The American Dream”. Starting as a teller, in a subway station, Maury’s diligent and undeniable work ethic over a thirty plus career in banking earned him the esteemed position of Chairman of the Board and CEO of Crossland Savings bank, the ninth largest banking institution in the country.  This outstanding road to success, would not have been possible without his second life altering moment, which was the courtship and relentless pursuit of his then co-worker, who only after just three short months, became his beautiful partner in life of over fifty-two years Christine Reissman.  This union aided Maury’s continuing business acumen, which resulted in the success of three different entrepreneurial businesses pursuant to his banking career.  

Maurice’s true gift in life was his magnetic and larger than life personality, accompanied by his very unique and seemingly disturbing sense of humor, which always came with his signature shoulder shrug laugh.  He would masterfully take you on a roller coaster ride of every emotion before landing the final blow that would get the big laugh, “most of the time”.  Creating wonderful relationships with so many, Maury was a compassionate and charitable man who deeply cared about others and spent a lot of his time advising and mentoring so many young people as they were starting out in their careers. 

Above all of the aforementioned, his adoration and love for Family was his #1 priority. Maury and Christine loved to Travel, celebrate life, and spend time with family and friends. He is survived by his two sons and forever golf partners Jon & Marc. Maurice also had amazing relationships with the daughters he never had, his daughter in-laws Lisa and Jann. The real spark in Mo-Mo’s last 16 years of life was his Grandchildren. The special relationship with his Grandson Dylan, and his Grandaughter’s Jordana, Charlie, Brooke and Lexi were truly spectacular. He made them feel warm and loved all the time. He even spent the last two years getting to bond with his Grandog Ripley.