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Lennox Rohan Harry was born to Stanley Gordon Harry and Lucille Celeste Harry (neé, King) on March 18th,1953 in 64 Village, Corentyne, Guyana at his grandfather’s house. He was the second of six children and the oldest boy. Lennox transitioned peacefully on Tuesday, February 6th, 2024, surrounded by loved ones at home in Brooklyn, NYC after battling Lewy Body Dementia for more than a decade. His family is profoundly saddened by this loss but rests in the knowledge that Lennox is no longer suffering.

Lennox is survived by his wife Beverly Harry (neé, Mack); son Rohan Harry; daughters Keturah Wahrmann-Harry, Kai (Ben) Slovek (neé, Wahrmann-Harry), and Saran Harry; dear friend Kaye Wahrmann; grandson Josiah Cort; granddaughters Jahyra and Antonia Harry, brothers Adrian A. Harry and Christian-Michael Gibbs-Harry, sister Althea A. Gaines (neé, Harry), nephews Gabriel B. Harry, Yoseph Denis, Adrian-Michael Harry, Joel Gaines, Michael Joseph Harry; nieces Sarah Denis, Jasmine Gaines, Danae Awai-Gibbs, Mia Awai-Gibbs, Victoria Awai-Gibbs, Kalisha Harry; countless relatives, and close family friends. Lennox was predeceased by his parents, his sister Celeste Harry, his brother Gregory Harry, and his precious granddaughter Aaliyah Padilla Harry.

Lennox was a funny and spirited child growing up between New Amsterdam and Corentyne where he spent time with his maternal grandfather, Leonard King, who was a widely respected local government representative and businessman in his own right.  Early on in life, Lennox would assume the role of “head of the house” due to the tumultuous physical relationship between his parents. Lennox was undoubtedly his mother’s closest confidant, defender, supporter, and business partner.

At eleven years old, the Harry family migrated to Brooklyn, New York in 1964. He attended the renowned Brooklyn Technical High School, playing football and basketball. Lennox worked as a butcher in Macys and as a taxi driver to put himself through school as he furthered his studies graduating in 1974 with his bachelor’s degree from the prestigious New York University. As a successful businessman and entrepreneur, Lennox often said he earned his “MBA from the School of Hard Knocks”.

Lennox married Beverly on August 19th, 1974; they initially planned to join the Peace Corps, but at the urgent behest of his mother Lucille, Lennox decided to remain in Brooklyn to support the nascent family business that would grow into the Get Set Kindergarten School. As his mother’s right hand, Get Set was started just down the road from 302 Fenimore Street – the Harry Family’s home, to 336 Fenimore Street with family and neighborhood children being the earliest students.

Get Set was a family affair throughout its more than 40-year run and loomed as a larger-than-life testament to Lucille and Lennox’s hard work and love for children. With Lennox’s mother leading the main school program, his aunts Elenor and Pasty running the summer camp and afterschool, and Lennox partnering with Lucille to manage the business in addition to the transportation logistics of picking up and dropping off students to and from Get Set daily.

As Get Set grew, the need for more transportation grew. The Get Set school van would evolve into several vans, then to school buses, and then eventually to charter buses, and the creation of Lennox’s first solo business, The Harry Bus Company also known as Harry’s Tours. Through the bus company, Lennox directly helped hundreds of Caribbean immigrants make their way from the West Indies to the United States. Moreover, many would find their initial employment with Lennox and Lucille at the Get School as they transitioned to their new lives.

Lennox translated his intensity and intelligence into various successful businesses and when Lucille retired in 1994, Lennox would assume full control of the Get Set family business. As Get Set expanded, Lennox and his longtime companion Kaye’s leadership provided a platform for children of the Caribbean diaspora to connect with their roots and celebrate their Caribbean heritage. The school’s success was not just measured in academic achievements but in the cultural richness it brought to the lives of those it touched. He also seized the opportunity to engage with the Guyanese market and to return to his home country to restart the King family’s original business of rice farming. Lennox made great strides and he attempted to make a mark in the rice business but was unable to sustain the business due to Guyana’s corrupt practices at the time causing him to return to New York and prioritize Get Set, while most recently exercising his entrepreneurial spirit as he bought and renovated several homes throughout Brooklyn until his health conditions made it impossible to continue.  

Lennox was well known as a character, for his gregarious nature with the amazing “gift of gab”. Lennox was the godfather, benefactor, and adopted uncle to many, and was extremely proud of and loved spending time with his “Harry Boys” (Chris, Gabe, Rohan, & Abby with the often additions of Godsons/cousins Dwayne and Anton).

He was also known for his dark sense of humor, hot temper, and ability to intimidate children due to his large beard, booming voice, and larger-than-life personality. Lennox was strong-willed and stubborn and ready to argue “tooth and nail” with anyone, he enjoyed it. But he also had an enormous heart. He was generous, loyal, and brave and never held his tongue for what he believed. He instilled his gift of gab, love of music, travel, and fun into his children and every aspect of his life. He was clever and full to the brim with knowledge gained through all of his life experiences. He will be best remembered for all the heart he shared with his friends and family and despite terrorizing aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends, Lennox was consistently the person they turned to for business advice or financial support. He will be missed dearly.

For more than a decade, Lennox was well-cared for by his devoted daughter Keturah, and caretakers Bebe and Shevon. The Harry family thanks every one of you for your prayers, words of encouragement, gifts of love, and support during this difficult time. We sincerely thank those who have traveled to be with us and also sincerely appreciate the many texts, phone calls, and well wishes from those who are with us in spirit.