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We preserve your family history through a personalized documentary style video.


When was the last time you sat with your parents or grandparents and
had a conversation about their life? 

Have you taken the time and asked them about their childhood or about
how they see their place or purpose in life?

Odds are that even if you have you can’t remember or retell the
story in the same vivid detail. 

Don’t let time slip by!  When your loved ones pass they take your family’s story with them.  Here at Legacy Celebrated we are
determined to change that!

An Example of What We Can Do For You

“I’m happy I did the interview. My grandchildren are too little to
appreciate this now, but I know
one day they will.”

Lewis P.

“I surprised my four children for Christmas and they all said it was one of the best things I’ve ever done for them.”

Casey J.

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