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On Wednesday, October 6, 2021, Eleanor Roth, loving mother of Amy Goldreyer and David Roth and loving grandmother to Ethan, Bryce, Jordan and Josh, sister of Eddie Goldberg, and aunt to Ilana and Rachel, passed away at the age of 76.

Eleanor was born in 1945, in Brooklyn, NY to Morris and Ethel. While married and raising two children, she earned an associates degree and had a long career as a vice president at Citibank.

Before RP robbed her of her sight, she loved to paint, draw, play tennis, and climbed mountains. Despite her failing eyesight, Eleanor led a full life, volunteering as a low vision teacher at the 9nd street Y, where she also attended classes and formed a zoom movie club that lasted throughout the pandemic. Her independence was so remarkable it was highlighted in a New York 1 news story. As her vision loss progressed, she adapted by learning new technology to help her navigate the city, and continued to travel to Los Angeles four times a year to see her daughter and grandchildren.

She was beloved not just for her sense of humor, but her passion for learning about the world around her. She was a news junkie and avid reader, going through a book a week.

Most recently she was honored as at the 92nd street Y for her Volunteer work.